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superfine adj
1 of extremely fine size or texture; "superfine sugar"; "a superfine file"
2 excessively delicate or refined [syn: overrefined]
3 (used especially of merchandise) very fine in quality; "made of superfine Flemish cloth"

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  1. Extremely or especially fine.
    Some recipes call for superfine sugar because it dissolves easier.

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A glossy display is an electronic display with a glossy coating designed to enhance color intensity and contrast ratios.


Traditionally LCDs have had a matte anti-glare finish to scatter reflected light. This has the side effect of scattering the light from the display, increasing blur and reducing contrast ratio, colour intensity, and viewing angle.
Glossy LCDs use an optical coating to reduce the amount of external light reflecting from the surface without affecting light emanating from the screen.


Glossy displays create more saturated colours, deeper blacks, brighter whites, and are sharper than traditional matte displays. This makes these types of displays more appropriate for viewing photos, watching movies, or even just general computer usage such as web browsing. Also, in extremely bright conditions where no direct light is facing the screen, such as outdoors, glossy displays can become more readable than matte displays because they don't disperse the light around the screen (which would render a matte screen washed out).


Despite the perceived increase in the quality of glossy displays, they tend to exaggerate colors and shade, to the point in which they over-saturate and have poorer grayscale accuracy. This makes glossy displays unsuitable for people who seek to use their computers for graphics work which requires color accuracy. This is why detractors claim that glossy displays are used as a marketing gimmick.
Also, due to the reflective nature of the display, in most lighting conditions which include direct light sources facing the screen, glossy displays create too many reflections which can be distracting to the user of the computer. This is especially annoying to users who work in an environment, such as in an office, where the position of lights and windows cannot be avoided and create distracting reflections.

Brand names

Most display manufacturers label their glossy screens under a variety of brand names:

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  • Glossy versus matte: fight! : From the News Desk at Ars Technica: a report of a Lenovo poll on matte vs. glossy LCDs by Jeremy Reimer, published Oct. 18, 2006 (note: the Lenovo poll is no longer available on the Lenovo web site).
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